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Grâces et guérisons extraordinaires (recension) 1878


VOL. VII, No 2. – 1 SEPTEMBER 1878


Woodstock Letters - Vol VII - No 2 - 1 September 1878.jpg


We have received from France a pamphlet of 124 pages (lithograph) with the title, “Grâces et Guérisons Extraordinaires Attribuées à l’intercession des Pères Olivaint, Ducoudray, Caubert , Clerc et de Bengy. ” It contains an account of some thirty most remarkable favors obtained by persons who had invoked the intercession of our martyred brethren. In several cases the attestations of physicians, ecclesiastical superiors, etc. are given in full. We give here one of the briefest, though not one of the most striking of the accounts, that, namely, of the cure of an Augustinian nun at the Hospital of Saint Quentin.

“Through the intercession of Father Olivaint, a miracle was wrought at the Hospital of St. Quentin A religious, Sister St. John, was seized with a cancer in the stomach. It had reached the throat and prevented her from taking any nourishment. She suffered very much. Mr. Cordier, the physician of the hospital, told the Superior that medicine was no longer of any avail to the sufferer, and that nothing short of a miracle could save her.

 “Sister St. John was encouraged by this thought, and addressed herself to Father Olivaint, asking of our good Lord, through his intercession, her cure or her death within eight hours; and the community prayed for the same intention during this time. At the end of eight hours she was wholly cured, and asked to rise.

“The arch-priest was sent for, and, coming immediately, asked Sister St. John whether she felt well enough to chant the Te Deum. She intoned it at once, and sang the whole of it, together with the Magnificat. On the following day she heard Mass in the chapel and received Holy Communion. She went to the refedlory with the rest of the community, as if she had never been sick.

“This event gave rise to much excitement at St. Quentin, and many persons went to see Sister St. John.”




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